Exigent911 - Emergency Messaging How to Communicate During a Disaster

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Send a Text, Send an Email, Send a Voice Message - In any combination, or all at once

Every business is unique, but they all share the need to regularly alert individuals and customers about important information - whether regarding an emergency or an important business event. The Exigent911 notification system replaces manual phone trees and cumbersome paging systems with a high-speed platform that automatically delivers email, text messages and outbound voice messages to recipients on whatever communication device they have at hand. The system leverages multiple delivery channels and ensures contacts are kept informed while meeting suggested disaster recovery and continuity planning requirements.

The result - timely, managed emergency and non-emergency communications.



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  • Text messages are not sent via email and are more reliable
  • Certified e-mail engine
  • Responses are captured and reported when requested
  • Redundancy and data back-up
  • Secure web forms
  • Quick and easy automation of manual notification procedures
  • Personnel free to focus on situation at hand versus placing and taking calls
  • Reduced risk of human error and manual call tree breakdown
  • Widespread notification within minutes instead of hours
  • Comprehensive reports for responses and audit trails
  • 24/7 Readiness for emergency or non-emergency notifications
  • Minimize disruptions to business operations

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